The traditional Artwork of Hijama: Therapeutic Cupping in Unani Medication

Introduction to Hijama and Cupping

Hijama, also called cupping therapy, is definitely an ancient therapeutic follow that has been useful for 1000s of a long time throughout a variety of cultures. It requires placing cups to the skin to build suction, which can be considered to mobilize blood movement and endorse healing. Hijama is deeply rooted in regular Unani medicine, an historical system of healing that originated in Greece and later on flourished in the Islamic entire world. This post explores the concepts, methods, and advantages of Hijama, specializing in its therapeutic applications and its significance in Unani medication.

Rules of Hijama and Unani Drugs

Unani medication is predicated around the stability with the 4 humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. Based on Unani practitioners, ailment occurs from an imbalance of such humors, and restoring this equilibrium is key to well being. Hijama plays an important purpose in Unani therapy by eradicating "bad blood" and restoring the body's organic equilibrium.

Forms of Cupping in Hijama

Dry Cupping: Consists of positioning cups over the pores and skin to produce a vacuum without the need of making any incisions. This technique helps in enhancing blood circulation and relieving muscle mass rigidity.

Damp Cupping (Hijama): Consists of building smaller incisions to the pores and skin in advance of making use of the cups. This method is used to attract out stagnant blood, toxins, and various impurities from the human body.

Hearth Cupping: Makes use of heat to create suction. A flame is briefly put Within the cup to heat the air right before inserting it within the pores and skin.

Hijama Factors and Strategies

Hijama therapy entails unique factors on the body where the cups are positioned. These points are picked out based upon the ailment getting cupping treated and will often be Positioned together meridians, just like acupuncture details. Widespread hijama points incorporate:

Al-Kahil (in between the shoulders): Typically used for standard detoxification and respiratory problems.
Al-Akhda’ain (the jugular veins on both facet in the neck): Used for headaches, significant blood pressure, and detoxification.
Yafookh (the crown of The top): Employed for neurological and psychological circumstances.
Hajara (the decreased back): Successful for kidney and back again pain.
Method of Hijama

Preparing: The pores and skin is cleaned and sterilized. The practitioner selects the appropriate points for cupping determined by the patient's problem.

Application of Cups: Cups are put on the pores and skin to develop suction. In dry cupping, this is the last phase, While in soaked cupping, it is followed by tiny incisions.

Incisions (Moist Cupping): Modest, superficial incisions are created to the pores and skin to enable the extraction of blood and impurities.

Next Suction: The cups are reapplied to attract out the blood in the incisions. This move is considered to eliminate toxins and improve circulation.

Completion and Aftercare: The cups are eliminated, and the area is cleaned and bandaged. The affected person is advised to rest and steer clear of demanding routines.

Therapeutic Benefits of Hijama

Hijama therapy is believed to provide A selection of wellbeing Added benefits, which include:

Detoxification: Can help in taking away toxins and stagnant blood, selling Total detoxification.
Ache Relief: Effective in lessening Long-term soreness, which includes back agony, migraines, and arthritis.
Improved Circulation: Enhances blood stream and oxygenation to tissues, aiding in more rapidly healing and Restoration.
Anxiety Reduction: Alleviates stress and stress and anxiety by advertising and marketing rest and reducing muscle rigidity.
Immune Boosting: Stimulates the immune technique and improves its effectiveness in fighting off bacterial infections and illnesses.
Hijama in Unani Medication

In Unani medicine, hijama is witnessed as a crucial therapeutic follow for sustaining wellbeing and treating a variety of ailments. It is often combined with other Unani treatment plans including herbal therapies, dietary adjustments, and Life-style modifications to obtain holistic healing.

Present day Relevance and Tactics

Although hijama has historical origins, it proceeds to be practiced broadly currently, especially in Middle Eastern and Islamic international locations. Fashionable practitioners adhere to strict hygiene and security expectations, earning the therapy more accessible and satisfactory in up to date healthcare options.


Hijama, or cupping therapy, can be a time-honored exercise with deep roots in Unani drugs. Its holistic method of health and fitness and therapeutic, coupled with its numerous therapeutic benefits, makes it a beneficial tool in each standard and present day medication. No matter if employed for detoxification, suffering reduction, or All round wellness, hijama remains a testament to the enduring legacy of historic therapeutic methods.

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